Since 2009, Hypower has completed 91 VDC projects with a total value of over

$500 million.

Hypower performs all VDC work in-house with dedicated VDC/BIM Specialists. View more photos

For over a decade now, Hypower has used Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to deliver better customer results. Focusing on the triad of time-budget-cost, Hypower utilizes the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, like Navisworks, AutoCAD MEP, and Revit MEP, to ensure that all construction and design conflicts are resolved during pre-construction. Rework and scheduling delays are prevented while the coordination of subcontractors is streamlined.

Since 2009, Hypower has completed 91 VDC projects with a total value of over $500 million.

From design to project completion and at every milestone in a project’s life cycle, VDC provides vital information that enables our clients to make informed choices. The initial setup, logistics, visualization, quality control, and delivery process become more efficient and improve our customers’ experience throughout the life of the project. Using VDC creates a comprehensive work plan where every trade, structural and architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, is in sync and works as one cohesive unit.  VDC also promotes better safety practices, as well-informed workers make fewer trips, are more productive, and can focus on installation. VDC also allows our customers and their construction teams to see the impact of proposed design changes before any materials or financial resources are committed. In short, VDC helps create more accurate construction documents and saves money.

Hypower’s wealth of experience using VDC has enabled us to deliver higher-quality projects at the same competitive price for our customers. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, implementing data-driven designs and modeling tools that assure our customers the highest quality project with maximum efficiency.

At Hypower, we utilize a unified approach for cost reduction and first-class service implementation. We fully understand that the “install first” mentality significantly reduces productivity; therefore, we utilize a well-coordinated integrated method that allows our clients to visualize their projects before construction. This allows you to make informed and intelligent decisions with the help of VDC. We implement the following steps to enhance the virtual design and construction process:

For more than a decade now, Hypower has utilized the use of Virtual Design and Construction to deliver better results to our customers. Become a part of the next generation of smart construction practices.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

While many electrical contractors use Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the surface, we take the next steps by ensuring that our VDC process offers technological-based solutions to guarantee that your building’s model produces tangible and quantifiable results. This technology provides an insight to our clients into the tools, time, and the overall requirements for the project. Our BIM team ensures every aspect of our VDC coordinated project stays up-to-date as we seamlessly create and share models and exchange project data. We proactively take measures to improve efficiency during construction to ensure a high level of productivity throughout the project lifecycle. We generate better estimates applying this technology even under the most rigid conditions. This complete BIM process creates a high level of predictability that benefits every project.

Design Assist

Taking our client’s exact requirements into full consideration, our VDC experts (all highly skilled in Navisworks, AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP) indulge in a collaborative design process that adds value to the project owner. We achieve excellence by combining the services of a competent design department and highly experienced field staff, ensuring every VDC project is of high quality and on schedule. We are always available to assist in the design and overall layout of the electrical systems.

Design Document Review

We review the entire design documents involved in the initial planning of the project. This is a critical step as it helps to identify and prevent any conflict that may arise during electrical installation.

Value Engineering Recommendations

Placing design document review at the forefront guarantees cost reduction, through minimization of waste. This process enables us to work closely with architects and engineers involved in the project targeting cost reduction.

Attendance at Design Development Meetings

As a premier electrical contractor, we know the importance of teamwork.  We work closely with architects, engineers, and other design team members by attending all design development meetings to identify any strategy that assures the completion of a quality project within budget.


From the initial concept through completion, Hypower is equipped to design, oversee, and improve our client’s electrical facilities. Our own VDC Studio provides creative and flexible design conditions to more than 15 fully committed Hypower VDC specialists. Our ultimate goal is to provide state of the art Design-Build services, delivering the project on time, under budget, and to our client’s satisfaction. Here is an overview of how we make our design and construction services exceptional.

Conceptual Budget

Decades in the electrical industry have taught us that budget estimation is an integral aspect of every design and construction project. Although the initial budget is set, we continue to refine costs as the project proceeds to keep our client’s budget and the overall construction managers estimate in mind.

Design Sequencing

Hypower’s expert electrical staff is trained to identify critical construction schedule items and apply design sequencing to avoid delays. We help establish a sequence of design activities, ensuring that the construction schedule can proceed without design delays.  This is made possible through years of experience handling design construction services, and this knowledge enables both our design and field team to highlight possible adverse conditions and deploy strategies to avoid them efficiently thereby reducing waste and increase savings for the project owner.

Value Engineering

While adhering to our design and construction methods, we continually look for ways to improve value either by improving functions or reducing costs.

Schedule Development

Hypower’s staffs are professionals who know the benefits of teamwork hence the necessity to work with other teams involved in the project, so every aspect is on time and schedule.

Purchase of Materials

We have an outstanding relationship with many vendors making the purchase of high standard materials with the right components easy and at the very best price.

Project Coordination Meetings

Our team members assigned to a project make scheduled meetings a priority to enhance harmony among all design and construction teams involve fostering a smooth pre-construction phase.

Preconstruction Activities

At Hypower, we take preconstruction very seriously. This is where we make sure the CAD drawings are further developed showing the exact conduit routes and equipment locations

Benefits of Design-Build

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Ensures project is on schedule
  • Adequately prevents conflicts
  • Reduces cost by minimizing waste
  • Allows for greater flexibility to make changes that add value during design and construction


As a world-class contractor, we give preconstruction the highest priority ensuring every single detail is in place to avoid last-minute corrections, which significantly affects project cost. This process is crucial to evaluate various design options. Below is an overview of our pre-construction process.

Development of the Project Document

Our experienced staff visits the site to evaluate existing conditions and your project documents. This process provides a clearer picture of the project enabling us to determine how best to build or expand your facilities.

Pre-qualification of subcontractors and vendors

We assist in selecting subcontractors and vendors. Every project is unique and has its specifications, so we work closely with the project owner and General Contractor to select the best in the field to provide the best service needed for a successful project.

The information gathered at this stage along with the derived set of conceptual pre-construction drawings is then further developed to enhance quality, service, and performance.

Bidding and procurement of Long Lead Time Items

Our pre-construction team evaluates all major equipment to ensure they are built in compliance with standard construction requirements. Hypower’s laudable vendor relationship with top manufacturing companies allows for a faster procurement confirming that the equipment is ordered with the right components and specifications leading to a successful project completed on schedule.

Attendance at meetings with local approval agencies

We are also present in all meetings held with approval agencies concerned with utility companies. We attend these meetings to obtain firsthand knowledge of permitting and inspection processes.


Our Prefabrication facility and VDC teams work closely together to transform computer models to fabricated assemblies. These pre-assembled products allow us to optimize customer schedules, increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and control job site waste. This practice is a part of our standard electrical construction means and methods.

LEED Certification:

The U.S. Green Building Council and LEED Certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized green building certification system. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in March 2000, LEED provides a framework for green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions.
Hypower has vast experience in constructing facilities that achieve the highest economically feasible LEED Certification Level.

Project NameLEED Certification/GoalYear Other
Norwegian Cruise Line – Terminal BSilver2020
Boynton Beach City HallSilver2020
Virgin Trains MiamiCentral StationPlatinum2018
NBC Universal Telemundo HeadquartersPlatinum2017
IKEA- Miami, FLGold2014
FIU Academic Health Care Center 5Silver2014
Groves at Grand BaySilver2015
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach ResortSilver2015
FIU Academic Health Care Center 4 Modesto Maidique CampusGold2013
Camillus House Institutional Campus FacilityGold2013Building G
Camillus House Institutional Campus FacilityGold2011Buildings B,D,F
FAU College of Engineering & Computer SciencePlatinum2010
FAU Football StadiumSilver2011
Progresso PointGreen2011
Hypower Pompano Facility Building 1Gold2011
Hypower Pompano Facility Building 2Platinum2011
Pine Crest Preparatory SchoolGold2010
Heron Heights Elementary SchoolGreen2009
Waterford 1000 BuildingSilver2009
Republic Services HeadquartersSilver2009
FIU College of NursingSilver2008
Office Depot World HeadquartersGold2008

Hypower’s Trimble Total Station enables us to provide improved accuracy of the job layout. This sharply reduces the time needed to perform layout on-site and it eliminates mistakes upfront so there is never a problem on the job-site.

Virtual Design Model of a Generator Room

Take a walk into the newly constructed Generator Room via Hypower’s Immersive 3D VR Platform: