Hypower recently formed shore power division provides engineering, design, and construction solutions to ports across the US. Hypower LLC is the contractor for PortMiami’s Shore Power System for Cruises, which will be the world’s largest of its kind at completion. Our experienced and trained engineers and technicians work with your team or third-party suppliers to provide prompt, safe, and innovative solutions. Hypower specializes in shore power infrastructure, providing engineering, design, and construction solutions to ports across the US. Our experienced and trained engineers and technicians work with your team or third-party suppliers to provide prompt, safe, and innovative solutions.
A reliable and efficient shore power system is an essential addition to any port. Shore power reduces a ship’s reliance on fuel, making travel more sustainable and helping eliminate greenhouse gases. Shore power also reduces noise and improves air quality, making a port a more pleasant place to spend time.
Whether shore power is a mandatory requirement in your state or you want to future-proof your port, our team has the skills needed to offer a complete turnkey power solution.


Leading utilities, third party engineers and developers, nationwide, rely on Hypower for specialized transmission construction spanning both overhead and underground services.

Our teams have successfully tackled many complex and challenging project conditions including compressed schedules; extreme weather; (high heat, high winds, severe rain, snow); outage restrictions; environmentally-sensitive wetlands; plus notoriously-difficult geographical soil conditions.


Underground transmission work poses unique complexities in-depth levels, equipment and skills required. We have the specialized training to ensure that your project is safe, productive, and delivered on time and within budget.

Hypower is known for its depth of resources and experience to provide higher efficiency at a premium value.

Underground Services Provided:

  • High and Medium Voltage Cable Systems
  • Switch, Transformer and Manhole Installations
  • Full Overhead to Underground Conversions of Power
  • Duct Bank Infrastructure Installation
  • Directional Drilling, Jack, and Bore
  • Subaqueous Bores and Railway Crossings


Our overhead transmission professionals are often called when a job is particularly challenging or complex. Hypower builds and maintains transmission facilities for customers across the continental United States. We have extensive resources that enable us to construct projects anywhere between 4kV to 500kV.

Overhead Services Provided:

  • OPGW Construction
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • New Construction
  • Design and Field Engineering


Investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, municipalities, and general contractors seek Hypower’s expertise for experienced electrical distribution construction services, spanning both overhead and underground.

We’re often called to handle complex or demanding projects. Our teams have safely and successfully completed hundreds of challenging projects that have always met our customers’ expectations as it relates to safety, quality, and production standards.


Underground work poses unique complexities where sophisticated equipment and skills are required. Hypower’s team is well-versed in providing installation services, utilizing highly skilled personnel. Our workforce has the proper experience and training to provide service that meets our customers’ demands and expectations while working to minimize the impact on local communities.

Underground Services include:

  • Trenching
  • Medium Voltage Wire Placement
  • Cable Splicing
  • Full Overhead to Underground Conversions of Power
  • Manhole Placement
  • Duct Bank Infrastructure Installation
  • Switch, Transformer, and Junction Box Installations
  • Directional Drilling


Our overhead distribution professionals are well versed in constructing projects throughout the Continental United States. Hypower provides construction, and maintenance services on distribution facilities from 4 kV to 34.5 kV. Our professionals are highly skilled at working in energized as well as de-energized environments. We use cutting edge techniques, trained labor, and proper tooling and equipment to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Overhead Services Include:

  • Aerial Fiber
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • New Construction
  • Street Lighting
  • Design and Field Engineering

Emergency Restoration

When urgent emergency restoration is needed, our power services team is ready to ensure your essential business continuity. Our Power Services Team works hand-in-hand with our sister division, our Disaster Team, to supply your energy and fuel needs with much faster, more coordinated response time on all fronts. This guarantees you a single point of contact – backed by tremendous strength and resources – during your critical time of need.

Compare our streamlined efficiency to all the wasted time and confusion trying to coordinate different companies for your restoration and for your power, plus dealing with their various subcontractors in the midst of an urgent business situation.

Civil Construction

Hypower’s infrastructure capabilities include management, manpower, and machinery, and we can handle even the most challenging civil and utility construction projects.


  • Experienced management, manpower, and machinery to handle the most challenging projects
  • Complete wet and dry utility installation packages
  • Value engineering – from concept to installation
  • FPL Approved Contractor