Self-Performing With Over 1 GW in Completed Projects

Hypower is a preferred choice of renewable developers for projects nationwide.

Hypower is an experienced utility-scale self-performing BOS/EPC solar contractor. The company works nationally, currently licensed in over 30 states.



Hypower Renewable Energy
Real-Time Solar Output
Trees Planted for Life Equivalent
Number of Cars off the Road
Gallons of Gasoline Saved
Lbs. of CO2 Eliminated
Average Homes
Powered for One Year

Disclaimer: Calculated representation of all solar projects that involved Hypower’s construction to date. Calculations based on “Solar Power Savings Calculator” by American Clean Energy

Hypower is an experienced utility-scale self-performing BOS/EPC solar contractor based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company works nationally, currently licensed in over 30 states. Hypower has over 1000 MW of experience in the solar industry, focused solely on ground-mount projects over 50 MW.


Hypower assures you of end-to-end expertise on your solar project, including design, engineering, procurement, construction, and post-installation service. We can deliver turnkey support for commercial projects to large-scale utility installations. Hypower can also work as a Design-Build or BOS/BOP (balance of system, balance of plant) to complement your business model.

Here are the significant advantages you enjoy with Hypower as your partner:

Self-performing: Virtually every aspect of your project, from initial conceptual plans through successful construction, can be managed and executed by our team.

Local hiring: Hypower utilizes more than 90% local labor on every project, supporting and helping strengthen each community we serve.

Experienced managers: Our seasoned supervisors have years of experience leading projects through successful planning and implementation. You enjoy the highest-quality results combined with efficient, cost-effective work processes.

Full developer support: Hypower can augment your team on any or all facets of your project to help you meet tight schedules.

Operations & Maintenance Services for Solar Assets

Why Hypower

Your renewable energy project enjoys a considerable advantage with Hypower. Ground-mount and floating solar projects are multi-disciplinary, demanding specialized expertise across various key areas. Hypower is one of the few companies offering all these disciplines under one roof.

This means your project will be planned, engineered, designed, executed, and managed much more holistically…beginning with the right customized design and ending with hassle-free grid interconnection and smooth third-party commissioning. Our in-house capabilities bring you greater efficiencies.

Deeper Electrical Services Expertise
Thanks to our heritage as an electrical services company, you benefit from the highly-specialized expertise most firms lack, including power distribution and architecture, civil engineering, and grid interconnection.

Turn-key is not a’s a core value.
We know what it takes to effectively manage construction projects on time and within budget. We are a trustworthy self-performing Design-Build contractor leveraging our four business groups to deliver the best value project to each client. Our safety record is exceptional: our attention to detail is unparalleled.

Market Differentiators:

  1. Nationwide team experience of over 1000 MW of Renewable Energy installed
  2. Licensed to work in 30 states
  3. Experienced staff of over 500 employees
  4. Unlimited Electrical Contractors
  5. Unlimited General Contractors
  6. Unlimited Utility Contractors
  7. Cost containment processes through practical and proven design
  8. Building Information Modeling and VDC
  9. Pre-Design shading analysis
  10. Value Engineering
  11. Maximum Energy Output/Efficiency
  12. Optimal site utilization
  13. Productive collaboration with developers to meet schedules
  14. Ability to self-perform in almost all aspects
  15. Safety and Quality Assurance on every project

Below are just a few of our successful projects: you can see many more (plus review in-depth details about each) on our Portfolio Page.

Highlighted Recent Solar projects:

  • 74.6 MWdc Solar PV Installation, North Carolina – Electrical scope- module wiring, DC/AC collection system, fiber installation, inverter & pad mount installation and testing
  • 70 MWdc Solar PV Installation, Mississippi – Electrical scope- module wiring, DC/AC collection system, fiber installation, inverter & pad mount installation and testing
  • 50 MWdc Solar Portfolio, North Carolina – Balance of system scope, engineering support, civil, post, and racking install. Full electrical up to the POI, complete testing, and commissioning.
  • 110 MWdc Solar Project – Confidential – Assist with commissioning and testing with contractor behind schedule.
  • 5.37 MW Disney’s Epcot Center Photovoltaic System – Racking, modules, and complete electrical installation up the POI of interconnection
  • 4.7 MWdc Orlando Area, Florida Solar Projects – Module wiring, DC/AC collection system up to the substation, testing of the array.
  • 6.4 MWdc Solar Project,  North Carolina – Electrical Scope, module wiring, DC/AC collection system up the GOAB.
  • 9.18 MWdc Chuckawalla Valley & Ironwood State Prisons Solar System, Blythe, California
  • 22 MWdc Utility-Scale Solar PV Installation, Dollarhide, New Mexico
  • 6.7 MWdc North Kern State Prison, Delano, California
  • 11.4 MW ground-mounted solar PV array, FPL Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • 16 MW ground-mounted solar PV single-axis tracker system, Lexington, North Carolina
  • 6 MW Rooftop PV – Cranbury, New Jersey
  • 109 kW Rooftop PV, VA Outpatient Clinic, Mare Island, California
  • 220 kW PV Rooftop PV ARRA Funded, City of Port St. Lucie Civic Center, Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • 49 kW PV Rooftop and Covered Walkway, Heron Heights Elementary School, Parkland, Florida

Power Generation

We provide full EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), modified EPC, or BOS/BOP (balance of system, balance of plant) services in a complete turnkey manner. We can support you in any scope of work with the following:

  • Self-performing crews
  • Exceptional safety record
  • Experienced teams
  • Proven competency in handling more extensive or more complex projects

If you have a renewable energy project, Hypower is one of the few firms with the proven competency, extensive experience, and in-house resources to assure you turnkey support, including all associated substation and transmission line work.

We guarantee one efficient point of contact on your solar project from design to complete build.


Hypower’s in-house staff includes professional engineers and designers to guide the critical pre-planning stages of your solar or wind energy project. Our team has helped developers save significant time and money through holistic plans that anticipate key project challenges early on. This cuts permitting and scheduling delays, boosts efficiencies during the construction phase, and empowers you to deliver the best possible results for your stakeholders.

Since Hypower is not tied to any specific manufacturer, we work with all leading solar and wind equipment providers. This assures us the flexibility to develop the most cost-effective, productive solution for your needs. Our team can help you with the following:

  • Interconnection: (grid or behind the meter)
  • Permitting
  • Conceptual design
  • Budgeting
  • Renewal engineering services
  • Stamping/sealing drawings
  • Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Value engineering for maximum cost-efficiency

Construction Services & Management

Hypower can self-perform the construction of all our designs and will smoothly manage your implementation from start to finish. Our in-house construction crews include specialized professionals to handle each project aspect. Every supervisor has prior renewable energies industry experience and remains current on all leading industry certifications. Our licensed electricians perform all installations to meet National Electric Code (NEC).


As a Design-Build contractor, Hypower identifies which engineering, technologies, and installation partners will work best for your initiative.

We bring a unique combination of capabilities to your project, earning us numerous utility-scale and distributed-generation clients nationwide.

  • Highly-skilled project management
  • Highly-qualified trade partners
  • Proven reputation as a top-quality, cost-efficient specialty contractor

Third-Party Commissioning

Too often, operating systems comply with the original design intent – yet still do not work well. This can be caused by many factors: elevated sophistication of new energy-efficient building systems, change orders, poor field decisions, or designers inexperienced in applying today’s renewable energy technologies.

It is critical to verify that what has been designed is now constructed correctly: that is the mission of the commissioning process. It can determine your system’s effectiveness and ability to meet your long-term goals.

System commissioning aims to ready all mechanical and electrical systems for active service. The process includes verifying system operation at various conditions; proper interaction between mechanical, electrical, and control systems; and documentation when system performance does not meet design criteria. In short, system commissioning takes an active versus a passive approach to guarantee more successful results.

Our staff is highly experienced at commissioning implemented energy conservation measures for proper installation, operation, and efficiency. Our commissioning service helps:

  • Shorten the time it takes to get your project running
  • Ensure that your equipment is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Manage procurement logistics and component quality checks
  • Prevent any problems that could void your warranty
  • Assure you a fully-functional, fine-tuned system that meets your strict EPC, off-taker, lender, and other stakeholders’ expectations

Many companies can put up panels. Hypower makes sure your system is not only installed – but adequately connected and working at optimum level.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

When you need maintenance or operational support to keep your project running effectively, you can count on the Hypower team. Because we’re not tied to a particular vendor or technology, we have many years of experience working with all the leading solar manufacturers. We stand ready to dispatch crews to your facility as needed.

Why Solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services?

Solar systems of all sizes naturally face aging, and as system component warranties begin to expire, you need a trusted and reliable partner to keep your solar plant running at its best.

Key Benefits of  Solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services?

  • Decrease degradation and downtime
  • Increase plant performance
  • Maintain manufacturer’s warranty

Operations & Maintenance Services for Solar Assets

Hypower offers preventative maintenance to optimize plant performance. Hypower utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic and repair equipment, and our licensed, bonded, and insured team maintains the skills and qualifications to remedy any PV maintenance and repair issue quickly.

Here are some of the services we offer for your solar asset:

  • Landscaping
    o Mowing
    o Tree trimming
    o Vegetative buffer installation
    o Seeding
    o Erosion control
  • Electrical Services
    o Preventative & corrective maintenance
    o Commissioning
    o LV and MV repair
    o Thermography
    o Inverter repair
  • Performance Services
    o DAS monitoring
    o Asset management reporting
    o DAS / SCADA management
    o UAV-assisted data tracking

Some of Hypower’s Renewable Energy Projects: