Project TypeElectrical Construction, VDC/BIM
LocationBoynton Beach, FL

Description of Project:

District Energy provides the production and distribution of chilled water between 39ºF and 42ºF for air conditioning applications. The chilled water is generated at a centralized district energy plant and delivered through an underground piping system to a wide variety of customers, including residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Services are offered to prospective customers as an alternative to other air conditioning options they may be considering. Chilled water systems are approximately 25 percent more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning systems due to the efficient use of electrical power and water conservation.

Scope Includes

All electrical work – Division 16

  • VDC/BIM Coordinated Project
  • Provide Temporary power connection points at main temporary location.
  • Provide and install conduits for 4,000A main switchboard, centrifugal water chillers, cooling towers & fuel system with underground fuel tank.
  • Furnish and install telecommunication and data system conduit
  • Furnish and install all exterior building lighting and wiring.
  • Offloading and install of a complete 1,500 KW generator system
  • installation of generator control and remote annunciator panel and feeder cabling.
  • Install Generator Control Wiring to interconnect with the fuel pumps, fuel storage tank controls, and Building Automation Systems.
  • Furnish and install a complete UL Master Label Lightning Protection System
  • Provide all required electrical power wiring and final connections for all electrically powered equipment
  • Furnish & install all required power and associated power conduit for control modules for the HVAC/Mechanical equipment
  • Provide and install complete lighting and occupancy control systems.
  • Provide all power to low voltage necessary for security devices
  • Provide & install fiber optic cabling to monitor Water Treatment Plant operation.
Boynton Beach District Energy Service DES



The Haskell Company


Electrical Construction, GOVERNMENT