Hypower is recognized as one of Florida’s foremost electrical construction contractors combining safety and quality with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our teams have extensive experience with projects up to $50 million dollars within every industry sector. Our teams are knowledgeable and offer value engineering solutions along with Building Information Modeling to ensure every project is set up for accuracy and success.


At Hypower we take pride in everything we do.

We also offer a range of professional services, from project management to standards compliance to consulting. Whether you have a new installation project, an existing site with service issues or just need project oversight, we have plan just for you.

Systems We Provide:

  • Commercial and Industrial Distribution
  • Medium Voltage Distribution
  • Emergency Distribution
  • Generator Replacements
  • LED Lighting and Controls
  • Life Safety Low Voltage Systems
  • Total Building Electrical Systems
  • Total Site Electrical Infrastructure

Services We Provide Include:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Consulting Services
  • CAD Services
  • Virtual Design and Construction – BIM
  • Prefabrication
  • Construction and installation
  • Onsite Project Management
  • Standards Compliance Audits
  • Code Compliance Audits
  • Testing and Certification

Design/Build provides a strategic thinking response to owner demands for increased quality and a continuous improvement commitment to the delivery system and the actual final product.
Quality control and quality assurance through the continuous involvement of the entire design/construction team throughout the project will augment the finished results. Project innovations can be uniquely developed by seamlessly integrating the skills of the designer and contractor.
Design/Build saves time and money overall through the use of a strategic thinking process for developing the budget, schedule, and constructability from the start of the project.

Hypower’s strength is yours! It lies in the resources we make available to your project.

Early contractor involvement enables:

  • Construction engineering considerations to be incorporated into the design phase and enhances the constructability of the plans.
  • Fast-tracking of the design and construction.
  • Concurrent design and construction phases for different segments of the project.
  • The ability to obtain continuous cost updates using current construction costs,  communication efficiencies, and integration between design, construction engineering, and construction team members throughout the building process.

Design/Build provides a strategic approach to avoiding or certainly minimizing the probability of adversarial relationships and potential legal issues. Fewer change orders- and add-ons result from more complete field data and earlier identification and elimination of design errors or omissions that might otherwise show up later during the construction phase.
Design/Build provides a strategic thinking response to demands for risk management. It provides a reduced potential for claims and litigation after project completion as issues are resolved collectively by all of the members of the design-build team.
Design/Build provides a strategic thinking approach to provide the ultimate level of flexibility through a truly integrated team that is able to take on very challenging and complex building projects.

Hypower’s VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) Department completes all of our drawings in house. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing real-time building data during its life cycle. The main benefit is better job-site coordination between the structural and architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades on your job, which increases efficiency and decreases lost time due to design conflicts.

Generator-RMSince 2009, Hypower has successfully applied VDC technology to many of our electrical projects. Hypower utilizes the latest versions of AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks and Revit MEP (including versions 2013 through 2020). We are among Florida’s finest electrical contractors due to our unwavering commitment to technology, safety, quality, efficiency, and cost-effective building practices.

From design to project completion and at every milestone in a project’s life-cycle, BIM provides vital information that enables our clients to make informed choices. The initial setup, logistics, visualization, quality control and delivery process become more efficient and continuously improve our customers’ experience.


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) makes use of a three-dimensional, dynamic building modeling software, called Revit to increase productivity in building design and construction. VDC also promotes better safety practices; as well-informed workers make fewer trips, are more productive, and are able to focus on installation. VDC also allows our customers and their construction team to see the impact of proposed design changes before any materials or financial resources are committed. In short, VDC helps create more accurate construction documents and more importantly, saves money.

VDC is gathering momentum in leaps and bounds. In fact, VDC has challenged conventional thinking and as a result, a new standard is being charted for the entire construction industry. VDC is changing the way we design and run projects and is capable of modeling all potential solutions, which can be analyzed and compared in the early stages of a job. It helps our customers to make informed choices in not only short-term construction costs, but also long-term operational costs to create the best value over the lifetime of an asset.


Hypower has always strived to create outstanding value that surpasses customers’ expectations by delivering turn-key solutions to our clients. We understand the benefits of utilizing VDC, and we believe it is more than just a technology or tool: It is a turning point in the design process.

Hypower’s wealth of experience using VDC has enabled us to deliver higher quality projects at the same competitive price for our customers. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, implementing data-driven designs and modeling tools that assure our customers the highest quality project with maximum efficiency.

VDC will continue to influence and drive our company’s project management teams and new trends in design processes can dramatically affect how to approach different project solutions. The use of cutting edge software and design methods enriches our construction process and is how Hypower achieves excellence in the electrical construction industry.

Call us now for a free consultation and find out how Hypower’s VDC services can help your project.

Hypower can be your single source for all your electrical, fire alarm, low voltage and security needs on a project. Let us put our extensive experience in the industry to work for you, managing all aspects of Divisions 26, 27 and 28 for your project. .

Once the project has been awarded, our Operations team hits the ground round running to precisely manage the planning, scheduling and quality of our scope. This is where we do some of our best work and utilize our many years of experience and lessons learned to tightly manage the success of your project. Being able to see the project from estimate through execution allows for Hypower to ensure quality to the highest standard all while maintaining a professional product that you can be proud of for years to come.

Project Planning

Hypower will take all of the guess work out of the process by closely planning all phases of the installation. The most successful projects all start out with a game plan and procedure for success. All of our projects start a detailed layout and coordination process in our Preconstruction Department as soon as a project is awarded. Whether the project requires Virtual Construction or 2D layouts, we will prepare detailed layout and installation drawings for our work. We will work with you to coordinate our layouts with the other trades to help ensure maximum effectiveness when it comes time to install in the field. Planning is directly related to a projects success and ultimately to the teams; you and Hypower, we’re in it together.

Construction Process

Hypower’s extensive planning up front helps setup the project for success all the way through to completion.  We take a proactive approach to construction, meaning we spend the time up front to try and find potential problems and create solutions long before the problem could actually materialize in the field.  Our management teams combine the technology of our times with decades of experience to be able to closely track production goals, quality, and schedule.  The structure in place allows us to quickly and effectively react to field conditions and drawing changes that all projects experience.

Hypower was featured in Business Chief and Construction Global, two top digital magazines focused on business and construction industry news worldwide.




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