FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, JUNE 30, 2015- Two Hypower employees are credited with saving the life of a worker who went into cardiac arrest on a job site.

The company’s president, Bernard Paul-Hus, said, “Our employees, Armando Lopez-Fraga ,who gave CPR, and Mike Croasmun, who gave chest compressions, were glad they were there to administer first aid for a staff member of another company working on the same project, saving his life”. Mr. Paul-Hus went on to exclaim; “Armando and Mike are heroes and the Hypower family couldn’t be more proud of these two gentlemen!!”

Hypower is an Electrical and Utility Contracting Company with several divisions that focus on commercial and service electrical contracting in South Florida, outside plant power and communications, ground mount solar and prime electrical infrastructure projects nationwide. Hypower is dedicated to upholding high safety standards across the board. Hypower trains all employees in the areas of first aid and CPR to ensure that, in the event of an emergency, employees are in the best hands possible until first responders arrive.

Ray McCorkel, Vice President of the Power and Communications group at Hypower, said, “We all are glad the training we received from Hypower was used to save a life.”

The fallen worker is expected to make a full recovery.

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