Generator Installation Services in Florida:

Hypower provides Generator Installation, Service, and Maintenance.  Let Hypower handle all aspects of your Generator project, including Design, Optimization, Engineering, Install, Permitting, Service, Maintenance, and Repair.

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Hypower’s Commercial Electrical Services group provides 24/7  quality and professional electrical service to local businesses, property managers, assisted living, and institutional and industrial facilities.

We have been proudly serving Florida since 1991!

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Simple Process – Excellent Results

Step 1: Assessment

We will send one of our trained and licensed technicians to assess the entire setup of your facility. We will discuss your goals and in many cases, we will find out if you need emergency power backup for the entire building or just certain sections. We will address any special needs and concerns and will take into consideration your budget for the project.

  • We will make sure that your current setup is code compliant. We will inspect all panels and circuits. We will evaluate your current generator room and will advise if any improvements will be needed to comply with local laws. In many instances, the generator will have to be placed outside. We will take care of this too.

  • We will determine the electrical load of the building- we need to make sure it is sufficient for your needs.

  • We will determine the size of the generator. New state law requires assisted living facilities to have a generator that can run for at least 96 hours. These laws vary but we will make sure you are ACA and state law compliant.

  • We will take into consideration local codes. If the generator is outside, many times fencing and landscaping must be utilized. We will take care of this well.

Step 2: Design and Engineering

  • Once we determine the right approach, we can provide engineering or work with your engineer of choice

  • We will work to obtain all needed permits – not only electrical but also structural, plumbing, fire-alarm, landscaping, etc.

Step 3: Removal of Old Generator and Upgrades

  • We will remove the old generator and if needed we will provide temporary backup power and fuel until your new generator is up and running. ( we can provide generators up to 2000 kW)

  • We will work on the concrete pads, landscaping, and layout (if local laws require)

Step 4: Installation and Testing

  • We will install your new generator (or your old generator)

  • We will turn the power back on and commission the generator.

  • We will perform all tests to make sure everything works seamlessly.

Step 5: Training and Maintenance

  • Our licensed and certified service technicians will provide training for the Facility manager and maintenance staff.

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Hypower has served Florida state for more than 30 years, has more licensed electricians on call than any other electrical contractor, operates around the clock 24/7, and guarantees same-day service. Hypower is licensed, bonded, and insured!

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Our highly qualified team provides professional routine or emergency electrical service and maintenance. Hypower builds, powers, and protects sophisticated facilities to boost productivity and optimize our client’s businesses. We offer preventative maintenance and improvements of any size.

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