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"Allied Fiber, Southeast Route- Miami to Atlanta"


“Hypower’s level of performance far exceeded the specified loss budget levels planned for when we initially engaged them as a contractor. Hypower’s splice crews achieved a remarkable .18 to .19 db light loss per kilometer over the entire 700 mile span of Allied Fiber’s extensive Southeast Route from Miami to Atlanta.

"Formula E, Miami EPrix,"

JOHN HENDERSON, Andretti Sports Marketing

I do thank Tom White and the Hypower team for doing the impossible for FormulaE in Miami! With their extensive knowledge and expertise, we made the transition of this great event on American soil so much smoother. I am looking forward to working with Hypower again next year.

“IKEA Miami Retail Store,”

KEVIN GRAY, Balfour Beatty Construction

I had the pleasure of working with Hypower on the completion of the new IKEA Miami Retail store- 4 story facility that is over 1.2 million square feet. Hypower crews demonstrated not only a strong knowledge of the Electrical field, but also of construction in general. The project had a few late changes directed by the Owner that created challenges for the team. Hypower always worked well to provide solutions that minimized any impacts associated with those changes and provided clear communication of the options that were available.